Make a __better later life possible__ for your colleagues

Supporting your colleagues as they transition towards retirement is an important way to show that you value and care about them.


If you’re looking to broaden your employee benefits offering for those later in their career, discover how Destination Retirement can transform the way your people can get the financial advice they deserve.

Discover how Destination Retirement can __work for your organisation...__
__Better retirement planning__ is in your hands
Until now, quality financial advice has felt unattainable for so many, too costly and complex. But you have the chance to offer your colleagues a solution that helps them plan for a better later life. One that helps them make smart choices, provides peace of mind and shows them how their money can go further.
Access to __high quality advice__
Destination Retirement is an automated retirement advice service, developed using the latest tech and powered by the consumer insight and expertise we’ve gained from years of experience in UK retirement markets. It transforms the way your people can access fully regulated, impartial and professional advice on pensions, savings and investments, providing it at a much lower cost than the average for traditional financial advice.
Step-by-step __support__
We’ve made sure Destination Retirement is as easy as possible to use for people with all levels of financial experience. It breaks down the retirement planning process into five simple stages and is written in plain English. Plus, support is available by phone, screen-share or webchat.$ $ You can find out more about our five stage process in our __downloadable brochure__ at the bottom of the page.
A __personalised__ retirement plan
Destination Retirement helps people to think about the retirement they’d like, and to identify and prioritise what they’ll spend their money on. Using their information, it performs millions of calculations to find the best financial outcome, and creates a personalised retirement plan that shows whether they can achieve what they want from retirement with the resources they have.$ $ They can change their information as much as they like to see what impact it will have. And once they have a plan they’re happy with, we’ll provide regulated advice detailing the most suitable financial products to make the plan a reality. If they’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll do the hard work to put it in place for them. $ $
Only __high-quality__ advice
Our strong advice principles and customer focus ensure we give the best possible advice to everyone, and have the complete confidence to stand behind it.$ $ We’re authorised to provide regulated advice by the UK’s financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority. This means we’re liable for the advice we provide and can be held to account for it by a third party, the Financial Ombudsman.$ $ Our robust approach to governance helps us meet and exceed our regulatory obligations, and we’re proud of our track record with our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. What’s more, Destination Retirement has been thoroughly stress-tested by our in-house multi-skilled advice team.$ $ So, you can rest assured that Destination Retirement will only ever provide your colleagues with high-quality advice.$ $
Keeping plans __on track__
After plans have been put into action, Destination Retirement continuously monitors the performance of people’s investments for them. So, unless they hear from us, they can be confident that their plan is on track to help them achieve the retirement they’ve planned for.
Retirement specialists __you can rely on__
We focus solely on retirement markets, so we have a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of people in later life. Our digital team has been developing market-leading financial technology in the at-retirement space for over 20 years. $ $ Today, our retirement income software is widely used by employee benefits consultants, financial services companies and trustees, and we’re currently the UK’s biggest retirement income broker.
Ready to make __better retirements happen__

To see just how beneficial Destination Retirement can be to your organisation, and how empowering it can be for your colleagues considering transitioning towards retirement, get in touch to arrange a demonstration or for more information.





##Your guide to __making it happen__##
Discover how Destination Retirement can transform the way your people can get the financial advice they deserve in our free __downloadable brochure__.
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